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If Strategic Planning is fundamental to shaping an organisation and it’s future, then it’s graphic presentation and structure is fundamental to it’s effective and clear promulgation.

Producing clear and cogent documents, as with a Strategic Plan or Report, is a skilful and subtle task, that must for success place it’s readers first. Invariably effective and accessible documents only emerge from a reader friendly approach which is purposeful, well planned, visually engaging and written with an incisive and active voice.

Understanding the scope, relevance and themes of a document, whether plan or report, is for Copper Reed a first and fundamental apprehension, it is also that immutable start point in the design and delivery of good and successful documents. These fundamentals pertain to all documents regardless of size, format and delivery through the mediums of digital or traditional print.

Plassey Campus Centre Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Annual Report DesignPlassey Campus Centre Annual ReportAnnual Report


Last updated: July 18, 2018
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