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Office Design TYCO

Office design or office branding is a great opportunity to create an inspiring workplace for existing and prospective employees and customers.

Over the past two years we have seen an growing trend in inspiring, fun, and unique office design across all types of organisations and have enjoyed applying our design thinking to corporate offices throughout Ireland, including Barry’s Tea headquarters Cork, Saudi Cultural Centre Dublin and VCE EMEA Headquarters, Cork.

In recent months we have been working as a seamless partner of the architectural, building company and project management team to create an engaging office branding scheme for TYCO‘s new global headquarters #onealbertsquay, Cork City. Three floors of dynamic graphics to attract the best talent and engage their customers and visitors.


Installation of the graphic walls, glass manifestations and 3D detailing is now complete.



Companies of all sizes are competing to provide the most unique, inspiring and ‘cool’ workplaces for employees. Cool working environments helps organisations in their recruitment efforts to attract the best and brightest of new employees. Branded office interiors also help reinforce a company’s vision and personality to customers.



As a total brand engagement studio we translate clients brands to any touch-point – print or digital, internal or external, conceptual or concrete.


While the canvas for office design is unquestionably bigger, our approach to office branding starts with the brand vision and works up from there. How do personnel and visitors use and access the building? How can we create inspiring spaces and quiet spaces? How can we develop a creative working space to aid recruitment efforts? Finding the answers to these questions and more is our starting point to creating a successful solution.


The theme of the TYCO scheme was ‘game changers’ – profiles of current and historical game changes were created for each floor, together with typographic quotes for meeting rooms.


Glass wall manifestations throughout had to facilitate the beautiful light streaming through the building, while creating a contemporary approach to health and safety.

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Last updated: July 18, 2018
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