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Office Design / Hortonworks Office Branding

HortonWorks, a big data software company based in Santa Clara, California, is a leading innovator in the industry, creating, distributing and supporting enterprise-ready open data platforms and modern data applications. Their mission is to manage the world’s data.

We worked intimately with HortonWorks and their US based architects to immerse ourselves in the HW brand and provide a foundation for the core components which set the stage for the well-executed, impactful and meaningful new standard for the branding of HortonWork offices worldwide.

After the strategic framework was set, our design team underwent an intensive design exploration with conceptual directions for the European headquarters in Cork.

The resulting office branding scheme gave meaning to the brand and reflected the essence of HortonWorks vision and purpose for visitors to the offices, staff working in the space, and potential new staff.

The success of our branding and experiential design scheme for their office in Cork has resulting in our being commissioned for the branding of HortonWork’s office in Bangalore India (now completed), their main headquarters in San Francisco (commenced Nov 2017), to be followed by their Budapest offices. We are honoured to be a part of the HortonWorks facilities team and look forward to another exiting year ahead.

office design, office branding, experiential design, McKesson, Henry J Lyons

HortonWorks reception – a sense of place using map of local area as a backdrop to a 3D logo

Green brand film applied to all meeting rooms and doors

Bold ‘data’ inhabited wall graphics with brand messaging on road facing wall to catch the eye of passers by

Simple brand coloured linear pattern on long workspace walls

Bring the brand messaging alive in print stations and corridors. Lettering added in 3D for emphasis.

office design, office branding, experiential design, McKesson, Henry J Lyons

Bold typographical approach for brand messaging in a staff corridor

‘Game Changes’ theme for meeting rooms, consistent brand colour scheme application throughout

Simplicity and corporate brand elegance


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Last updated: February 27, 2020
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