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Mobile Friendly, Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is essential for getting found on Google

Copper Reed designed sites are mobile ready + tablet and PC ready!

What does all this mean?

Responsive web design is essentially making your website pages look for visitors accessing your site on mobile devices.

Having a responsive website means that your website adjusts to whatever size screen or device you’re customers are using when viewing the site. As your customer switches from laptop to tablet to phone, your website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and legibility.

Nearly every new client and existing client has been looking for a mobile friendly version of their website over the past year. Since the Google update at the end of May 2015 it is, in short, essential! Google now gives preference to mobile optimised websites in it’s search results, and penalises sites that are not responsive!

So what can we do for you?
We deliver, as standard, custom designed websites that are focused of the user, your customer, and are natively responsive (fluid when resizing) no quick fix plugins or tricks.

We know that an excellent first, second and third impression for your valuable customer is essential to securing a high conversion rate from your website. As standard all sites designed and developed at Copper Reed are mobile ready and fully responsive.

See our responsive website design projects:

We’ve created responsive custom websites for our clients such as Inis Oirr, Aran Islands, Epistem,  – see more of our web design projects here.

If you are looking for a responsive website that will secure more inquiries in Ireland and internationally, please email michelle or call us on 061 400620.

Last updated: February 27, 2020
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